AB 341

AB 1826

SB 1383

Recycling compliance made easy for California jurisdictions.

Knowledge is Power

In-Depth Information

Know and monitor the recycling status of your commercial customers.

Status Reports

Report progress to CalRecycle.


Demonstrate compliance with AB 341, AB 1826, and SB 1383.

Regulatory Landscape

State Mandates

The State of California requires certain covered businesses and multi-family complexes to participate in recycling and organics recycling.

Outreach, Educate, Monitor

CalRecycle requires all cities to outreach, educate, and monitor the compliance of each covered business and multi-family complex.

Start Now

In the near future, CalRecycle will require cities to assess fines and penalties on non-compliant businesses.


Documented Outreach

CalRecycle requires targeted outreach to individual covered businesses, with documentation.

Control of Resources

Jurisdictions often rely on franchised haulers to provide crucial information on which the jurisdiction is evaluated.

Scarce Resources

Jurisdictions typically do not have staff dedicated full-time to AB 341 and AB 1826 compliance.

Control of Information

Waste hauler billing systems do not track recycling compliance (i.e. third-party recyclers, exemptions, self-hauling, etc.).

Year-round Accountability

The “At Any Time Review” process (PRC 42649.3(h)) authorizes CalRecycle to review a city’s documentation related to outreach, education, and monitoring activities throughout the year, on short notice.

Exemptions and 3rd Party Recyclers

Waste hauler billing systems do not show how customer compliance changes over time, which CalRecycle relies on to evaluate the effectiveness of the jurisdiction’s outreach and education activities.


Insightful Reports

  • Generates CalRecycle EAR-compliant reports.
  • Provides a simple, easy way to monitor, manage, and report on individual customer compliance status.


  • Allows collaboration among multiple users including cities, waste haulers, and outreach contractors.
  • Promotes ongoing communication between cities and their waste haulers.

Easy Data

  • Enables easy upload of hauler billing system data from any mobile or desk location.
  • Provides a secure, cloud-based web portal and customer information management tool.
  • Enables cities to maintain control of information for which they are responsible to CalRecycle.


  • Enables cities to promote and document sustainable practices among their commercial businesses.
  • Enables users to document exemptions and violations (i.e., photos, notes, correspondence, etc.).
  • Enables users to generate customer-specific letters of non-compliance.

Compatible Hauler Billing Systems

Compatible with the following hauler billing systems:

  • A.M. Disposal
  • AAA Rubbish
  • American Reclamation
  • Athens Disposal Company
  • Calmet Services
  • CR&R
  • G-B Rubbish
  • Haul-Away- Rubbish Service
  • Key Disposal
  • NASA Services
  • Quality Waste Service
  • Republic Services
  • Serv-wel Disposal
  • Universal Waste Systems
  • Waste & Recycling Services
  • Waste Management

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